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Suicide Essays (2079 words) - Suicide, Depression, Suicide In Iran

Self destruction Self destruction can best be depicted as the damaging demonstration of willfully taking ones own life. Self destruction frequently presents a genuine and regularly disastrous riddle to be fathomed by loved ones, and whatever other experts who have been associated with somebody who has ended it all. To have the option to absolutely address the inquiry with regards to why an individual would submit such a lethal demonstration is by all accounts a profoundly mind boggling task. The casualty oneself, is maybe the least mindful of the response to this ninth driving reason for death. Researchers have found that the reason for this deadly conduct can be discovered both inside and without the person. Regardless of whether natural, sociological or mental the inquiry stays with respect to which one will give clarifications to self-destructive conduct. Or on the other hand maybe, could the appropriate response be that every one of these elements are by one way or another interrelated. Whatever the case might be the insights are alarmingly genuine. There is more self destruction passings than murders in the United States each year. Inconceivably in this way, self destruction is in actuality the ninth driving reason for death in the United Stated. For the youthful, comprising up to the age of fifteen, it is the third reason for death in the United States. All things considered, at regular intervals one individual will finish this pointless demonstration bringing about death. Men represent 80% of all suicides in the United States and are almost certain than ladies to be fruitful at slaughtering themselves. There are, adjusted to the closest individual, one female self destruction fruition to each four male self destruction culminations. Suicides submitted utilizing guns make up more than 60% of the populace that has ended it all. Of this 60% of gun self destruction, white men make up 80% of this measurement. Consistently there are 700 seventy-5,000 self destruction endeavors in the United States. It is evaluated that 5,000,000 Am ericans have endeavored self destruction. For each male self destruction endeavor there are three female endeavors. Most of overdose endeavors is fruitless and represent 70% of self destruction endeavors (SFSP: U.S. Self destruction Statistics, 1996). It is assessed that for each self destruction there is six survivors near the casualties that are influenced. The measurements are dazzling. How might we see better why people would end their own life (McIntosh, 1997) The end that self destruction is firmly identified with mental sickness is the thing that analysts have thought of. The three analyses with the most elevated hazard are melancholy, liquor addiction and schizophrenia. 70% of suicides would have been determined to have significant wretchedness. Fifteen percent would have been determined to have liquor abuse and four percent from schizophrenia. Analysts have utilized two techniques to think of these discoveries. The first, the analysts discover what extent of individuals who have ended it all have been determined to have a mental sickness from quite a while ago. The second technique for research includes what is called mental post-mortem. Mental post-mortem examination includes cautiously scrutinizing the relatives and companions of the self destruction casualty. These inquiries are regarding the individual perspective, temperament and conduct of the expired individual going before their demise. The end that most of suicides were the af tereffect of mental sickness before death has been unequivocally bolstered by these two examination methods (Williams, 1997). Significant sorrow conveys a fifteen-percent lifetime hazard related with self destruction. Discouragement is a perspective that outcomes in sentiments of defenselessness, misery, estrangement, and wild inclinations to shed an undesirable self. Regularly, gloom incorporates an assortment of physical grievances that can't be analyzed as a physical ailment. It is typical for any person to feel gloom at once or another. Likewise, there are numerous variables related with sorrow. Any individual managing overpowering measures of pressure can encounter gloom. In any case, it is the point at which an individual remains discouraged for expanded timeframes, that the probability of having self-destructive urges builds (Williams, 1997). Like that of discouraged people, Alcoholics likewise convey a fifteen-percent lifetime danger of self destruction. Liquor reliance can be communicated in one of three different ways. By expending liquor exorbitantly every day. Second, by expending over the top measures of liquor on a customary end of the week premise. Third, by unnecessarily devouring liquor on gorges

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Chapter 2 Exercises & Case Exercises Essay

Activities 1. Think about the announcement: an individual danger operator, similar to a programmer, can be a factor in more than one danger class. In the event that a programmer hacks into a system, duplicates a couple of records, destroys the Web page, and takes Visa numbers, what number of various danger classes does this assault fall into? a. Generally, I accept this assault falls into four significant danger classifications: intentional demonstrations of trespass, bargains to protected innovation, specialized disappointments, and administrative disappointment. Besides, I accept this assault would be sorted as a conscious demonstration of robbery/trespass which bargains protected innovation because of specialized and administrative disappointments. b. It appears as this programmer was intentionally causing hurt (for example duplicating records, vandalizing the website page, and robbery of Visa numbers); because of their technique for passage †hacking into a system †it leaves me to accept there were some specialized disappointments, for example, programming vulnerabilities or a snare entryway. Notwithstanding, that is only one chance regarding what could have happened. This could have additionally been an administrative disappointment; state the obscure programmer utilized social building to acquire the data t o access the system †legitimate arranging and technique execution could have conceivably ruined this hacker’s assault. 2. Utilizing the Web, inquire about Mafiaboy’s misuses. When and how could he bargain locales? How was he gotten? c. Michael Demon Calce, otherwise called Mafiaboy, was a secondary school understudy from West Island, Quebec, who propelled a progression of exceptionally plugged DDoS (disavowal of-administration) assaults in February 2000 against enormous business sites including: Yahoo!,,, Dell, Inc., E*Trade, eBay, and CNN. Calce likewise endeavored to dispatch a progression of synchronous assaults against nine of the thirteen root name servers. d. On February seventh, 2000, Calce focused on Yahoo! With an undertaking he named â€Å"Rivolta† †which means revolt in Italian. This undertaking used a refusal of administration digital assault in which servers become over-burden with various sorts of correspondences, to t heâ point in which they totally shut down. Calce figured out how to close down the multibillion dollar organization and the web’s top internet searcher for nearly 60 minutes. His objective was to set up predominance for himself and TNT †his cybergroup. Throughout the following week, Calce additionally cut down eBay, CNN, Amazon and Dell by means of the equivalent DDoS assault. e. Calce’s activities were under doubt when the FBI and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police saw posts in an IRC chatroom which boasted/guaranteed obligation regarding the assaults. He turned into the main presume when he professed to have cut down Dell’s site, an assault not yet plugged at that point. Data on the wellspring of the assaults was at first found and answered to the press by Michael Lyle, boss innovation official of Recourse Technologies. Calce at first rejected obligation however later confessed to the greater part of the charges brought against him †the Montreal Youth Court condemned him on September 12, 2001 t o eight months of â€Å"open custody,† one year of probation, limited utilization of the Internet, and a little fine. It is assessed that these assaults caused $1.2 billion dollars in worldwide monetary harms. 3. Quest the Web for the â€Å"The Official Phreaker’s Manual.† What data contained in this manual may help a security executive to ensure a correspondences framework? f. A security chairman is an expert in PC and system security, including the organization of security gadgets, for example, firewalls, just as counseling on general safety efforts. g. Phreaking is a slang term instituted to portray the movement of a culture of individuals who study, try different things with, or investigate media transmission frameworks, for example, gear and frameworks associated with open phone systems. Since phone systems have become electronic, phreaking has gotten firmly connected with PC hacking. I. Case of Phreaking: Using different sound frequencies to control a telephone framework. h. By and large, a security head could utilize this manual to pick up information on terms related with phreaking and the in’s and outs of the procedure (for example how it is executed). Nonetheless, the security director should concentrate on Chapter 10 †â€Å"War on Phreaking† †this area (pg 71-73) manages ideas, for example, get to, â€Å"doom,† following, and security. A manager could figure out this data to secure his/her frameworks from such assaults. 4. The part examined numerous dangers and vulnerabilities to data security. Utilizing the Web, find in any event two different wellsprings of data on danger and vulnerabilities. Start with and utilize a watchword search on â€Å"threats.† I. dangers ii. Dull Reading’s Vulnerabilities and Threats Tech Center is your asset for breaking news and data on the most recent potential dangers and specialized vulnerabilities influencing today’s IT condition. Composed for security and IT experts, the Vulnerabilities and Threats Tech Center is intended to give inside and out data on newfound system and application vulnerabilities, potential cybersecurity endeavors, and security investigate results j. iii. Our security look into revolves the world over give unrivaled investigation of and insurance from IT security dangers that incorporate malware, security dangers, vulnerabilities, and spam. 5. Utilizing the classes of dangers referenced in this section, just as the different assaults portrayed, survey a few current media sources and recognize instances of each. k. Demonstrations of human mistake or disappointment: iv. Understudies and staff were told in February that nearly 350,000 of them could have had their standardized savings numbers and money related data uncovered on the web. v. â€Å"It occurred during an overhaul of a portion of our IT frameworks. We were redesigning a server and through human blunder there was a misconfiguration in the setting up of that server,† said UNCC representative, Stephen Ward. l. Bargains to licensed innovation: vi. Today we bring updates on activity against a site that provided connections to movies, music and games facilitated on record hosters all around the globe. Specialists state they have charged three people said to be the executives of an enormous record sharing site. vii. To get a thought of the gravity neighborhood police are putting looking into the issue, we can think about some ongoing details. As indicated by US specialists Megaupload, one of the world’s biggest sites at that point, cost rightsholders $500m. GreekDDL (as indicated by Alexa Greece’s 63rd biggest site) purportedly cost rightsholders $85.4m. m. Purposeful demonstrations of secret activities or trespass: viii. The individual answerable for one of the most huge breaks in US political history is Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old previous specialized associate for the CIA and current worker of the guard temporary worker Booz Allen Hamilton. Snowden has been working at the National Security Agency throughout the previous four years as a representative of different outside contractual workers, including Booz Allen and Dell. ix. Snowden will stand out forever as one of America’s most important informants, close by Daniel Ellsberg and Bradley Manning. He is answerable for giving over material from one of the world’s most cryptic association †the NSA. x. Extra, intriguing, read: moves despite everything confusing u.s-government/1. The government’s criminological examination is grappling with Snowden’s obvious capacity to crush shields built up to screen and deflect individuals taking a gander a t data without legitimate consent. n. Purposeful demonstrations of data blackmail: xi. Programmers professed to have penetrated the frameworks of the Belgian credit supplier Elantis and took steps to distribute private client data if the bank doesn't pay $197,000 before Friday, they said in an announcement presented on Pastebin. Elantis affirmed the information penetrate Thursday, however the bank said it won't surrender to blackmail dangers. xii. The programmers guarantee to have caught login certifications and tables with online credit applications which hold information, for example, complete names, sets of responsibilities, contact data, ID card numbers and salary figures. xiii. As per the programmers the information was put away unprotected and decoded on the servers. To demonstrate the hack, portions of what they professed to be caught client information were distributed. o. Intentional demonstrations of treachery or vandalism: xiv. Terminated Contractor Kisses Off Fannie Mae With Logic Bomb xv. Rajendrasinh Babubha Makwana, a previous IT temporary worker at Fannie Mae who was terminated for committing a coding error, was accused for the current seven day stretch of setting a â€Å"logic bomb† inside the company’s Urbana, Md., server farm in late October of a year ago. The malware was set to become effective at 9 a.m. EST Saturday what's more, would have debilitated inside observing frameworks as it did its harm. Anybody signing on to Fannie Mae’s Unix server arrange after that would have seen the words â€Å"Server Graveyard† show up on their workstation screens. p. Conscious demonstrations of burglary: xvi. Four Russian nationals and a Ukrainian have been accused of running a refined hacking association that entered PC systems of in excess of twelve significant American and worldwide partnerships more than seven years, taking and selling at any rate 160 million credit and charge card numbers, bringing about misfortunes of a huge number of dollars. q. Intentional programming assaults: xvii. China Mafia-Style Hack Attack Drives California Firm to Brink xviii. A gathering of programmers from China pursued a persistent battle of digital badgering against Solid Oak Software Inc., M

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Profit Maximization

Firms are ready to go for a basic explanation: To bring in cash. Conventional financial hypothesis recommends that organizations settle on their choices on flexibly and yield based on benefit augmentation. Anyway numerous Economists and administrative Scientists in our days question that the sole point of a firm is the expansion of benefits. The most genuine evaluate on the hypothesis of the firm originates from the individuals who question whether firms even put forth an attempt to augment their benefits. A firm (particularly an enormous company) is anything but a solitary chief however an assortment of individuals inside it. This infers so as to comprehend the dynamic procedure inside firms, we need to examine who controls the firm and what their inclinations are. The way that most enormous organizations are not run by the their proprietors is frequently presented to help this case. An enormous organization normally is possessed by a large number of investors, the majority of whom have nothing to do with the business choices. Those choices are made by an expert supervisory group, designated by a salaried top managerial staff. As a rule these chiefs won't own stock in the organization which may prompt unequivocally varying objectives of proprietors and administrators. Since proprietorship gives an individual a case on the benefit of the firm, the more prominent the association's benefit, the higher the owners† salary. Consequently the proprietors objective will be benefit augmentation. When managers† compensation remains unaffected by higher benefits they may seek after different objectives to raise their own utility. This conduct strikes the basic onlooker consistently when for instance perusing or viewing the budgetary media. Administrators there regularly rather notice the ascents in deals or the development of their organization rather then the benefits. A few financial analysts like Begg (1996) contended that chiefs have a motivation to advance development as administrators of bigger organizations typically get more significant compensations. Others like Williamson (1964) proposed that chiefs get further utility from perquisites, for example, huge workplaces, many subordinate specialists, organization vehicles and so on. Fanning (1990) gives a somewhat odd model: When WPP Group PLC assumed control over the J. Walter Thompson Company, they found that the firm was burning through $80,000 p. . to have a steward convey a stripped orange each morning to one of their administrators. A superfluous cost unmistakably from the viewpoint of the organization proprietors. In any case, frequently it gets hard to distinguish and isolate this convenience boost from benefit augmentation. A corporate stream for instance could be either defended as a benefit augmenting reaction to the high open door cost of a top official or a costly and expensive official superficial point of interest. Baumol (1967) conjectured that supervisors regularly append their own notoriety to the company†s income or deals. An esteem expanding chief in this way would prefer to endeavor to amplify the firms† all out income then their benefits. Figure 1 shows how the yield decisions of income and benefit augmenting directors vary. The figure plots the peripheral income and minor cost bends. Absolute Revenue tops at x r , which is the amount at which the minimal income bend crosses the even pivot. Any amount underneath x r , negligible income will be sure and the absolute income bend will ascend as yield goes up. Subsequently an income amplifying supervisor would keep on delivering extra yield paying little mind to its impacts on cost. Given this data one may inquire as to why the proprietors don†t mediate when their selected administrators don†t direct their activities in light of a legitimate concern for the proprietors, by augmenting benefits. As a matter of first importance, the proprietors won't have a similar access to data as the administrators do. Where Information identifies with proficient abilities of Business organization just as those of the organizations inward structure and its market enviroment. Besides, when stood up to with the proprietors requests for benefit boosting arrangements, a shrewd director can generally contend that her commitment in exercises, similar to a harming value war or a costly promoting effort serve the since quite a while ago run prospect of high benefits. This reason is hard to challenge until it is past the point of no return. Another viewpoint is that directors intending to augment development of their organization (anticipating more significant compensations, power, glory, and so on ) regularly work with a benefit limitation. A benefit limitation is the base degree of benefit expected to keep the investors upbeat. The impacts of such a benefit requirement are shown in Figure2. Figure2 shows an all out benefit bend (T? ). T? is gotten from the distinction among TR and TC at each yield level. On the off chance that the base satisfactory degree of benefit is ? , any yield more noteworthy then Q3 will bring about a benefit underneath ?. In this way a deals augmenting supervisor will settle on Q3 which gives the most significant level of deals at the base conceivable benefit. This anyway would not be the benefit expanding choice. So as to expand benefits the chief would need to picked a yield level that makes Q2, where benefits are most noteworthy yet deals lower then in Q3. So given this irreconcilable circumstance between the proprietors and the chiefs of a firm? What are the potential arrangements accessible to the proprietors, to make their specialists work to their greatest advantage? It is frequently recommended that a powerful method to control the supervisors conduct and align it with the proprietors interests, is to make the administrators proprietors themselves by giving them an offer in the organization. In any case, look into by De Meza and Lockwood (1998) proposes that even with the chiefs possessing resources, their exhibition doesn't really turn out to be more benefit raising. Rajan and Zingales (1998) surveyed the effect of intensity and access to it on the conduct and execution of chiefs. Their discoveries recommend that the force picked up by access to basic assets is more unforeseen than possession on supervisors or operators to settle on the correct speculation and choices then proprietorship. They likewise report unfriendly impacts of possession on the motivating force to practice. Different approaches to control chiefs incorporate execution based compensation, which can end up being powerful in the short-run however once more, the since quite a while ago run viewpoint of the firm may endure, when supervisors disregard pivotal Since a long time ago run ventures into Research and Development, rebuilding, gear or promoting to raise short-run benefits and henceforth their own compensations. All in all note that benefit amplification neglects to show a general legitimacy when applied as a hypothesis of firm-conduct. This present reality organizations regularly work on a multi-dimensional premise with many standing up to interests and points. Just as contrasting short-run and since quite a while ago run points. Accordingly benefit augmentation ought to be viewed as one potential objective of a firm yet not really its sole one. There is additionally a distinction to be noted between the size of firms. A little family-run business for example can without much of a stretch embrace an unadulterated benefit amplifying approach, since the utility of its proprietors rises to that of the work power and the administration. In this setting, the salary will approach benefit. In this manner it is basic to survey and build up a hypothesis of firm conduct on the various classes of firms with a point of view to their individual contrasts in the executives, proprietorship and market enviroment.

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Community College

Is there anything wrong with attending a community college? I know the famous advice is not to care what people think about you, but that’s just it. Since certain family members believe they know it all, they have quite a reaction when I tell them what college I’ll be attending.My parents had to be very persuasive to get me even to consider a two-year school. Both attended a community college and have great jobs. Neither has a Ph.D. or M.D. but I know one doctor who first went to a community college and then transferred to Tufts University. This particular doctor made a very smart move not to overwhelm himself with taking the SAT in order to go to a four-year school. Not to mention that he saved a lot of money by only paying for two years of a private four-year education. Community college is much less expensive than four-year colleges. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure many scholarships are awarded to hard-working seniors. If someone absolutely wanted to get i nto one of those Ivy League schools chances are he or she might be able to. But one little secret I’ve found is that those students have a minimum of six hours of homework every day plus an additional three hours for their major and various projects. I’d venture to bet that these students, after the first two months of school, are stressed out to no end. Sure, high school is stressful at times, but not all the time.So, I’m going to Manchester Community College to study what intrigues me most, and I can say it in one word: surgery. Yes, I’m attending a community college to pursue my dream of living life in the operating room. Speaking of competition, this program for surgical technologists was by far the most competitive thing I ever dreamed of. I was the first one out of 24 to be accepted. Twenty-four students are not a lot. I’m glad because I’ll be working at what I like. And massive motivation is something I have so it will make my college experience easier and more fun. I do plan to transfer to a four-year school after I obtain my associate’s degree in surgical technology, but first, it’s community college for me. Community College Here I am, a senior. After four years of high school I have learned a lot of lessons. Some were good and valuable, the type I got when I actually went to class. I have also learned others just from growing up and being around other teenagers. I started senior year with a 1.5 GPA, which is not even close to what I am capable of. The last three years I fooled around and cut lots of classes. Now, I can easily say that it is the only thing in life that I regret. Next year I will watch most of my friends go to college while I lost that chance. This does not mean that I am giving up on my dreams, but when I started high school, my goal was to get great grades and go to a competitive college. Now I'm hoping to go to a community college so I can improve my grades to reach this goal. This year, I pretty much have an A average in my classes, which just goes to show that when I apply myself, I can do amazingly well.At first I blamed the people around me for my bad experiences, but I've learned that it's my fault when bad things happen. In the last three years I realized that I am the only one in control of myself. While making my teachers and my peers the excuse for not wanting to go to class, I developed a huge lying problem. I found myself making excuses for cutting, hoping that others would believe me; the only person who really believed me was me. If I could start over, I would in a heartbeat, but I can't, so instead of beating myself up, I try talking to younger teenagers about the importance of doing well in school by explaining the situation I got myself into. Community college looks like a great opportunity. I am looking forward to taking many credits and receiving good grades. Some say going there means staying home and not having the thrill of being away at college, but I see community college as a year to turn my life around. It's my ticket out of here to wherever I want to go. I have another chance to make my future and I've promised myself I won't mess up.Nex t year I will apply myself, as I am this year. They say we need to study history so we won't repeat our past; I've studied my personal history, and will avoid my mistakes in the future. I am ready for the next task in life, the only question is, is it ready for me?

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CSS Alabama - Civil War - Confederate Raider

Nation: Confederate States of AmericaType: Screw SteamerShipyard: John Laird Sons, BirkenheadLaid Down: 1862Launched: July 29, 1862Commissioned: August 24, 1862Fate: Sunk, June 19, 1864 CSS Alabama - Specifications Displacement: 1,050 tonsLength: 220 ft.Beam: 31 ft., 8 ft.Draft: 17 ft., 8 in.Speed: 13 knotsComplement: 145 men CSS Alabama - Armament Guns 6 x 32 lb. guns, 1 x 100 lb. Blakeley Rifle, 1 x 8 in. gun CSS Alabama - Construction Operating in England, Confederate agent James Bulloch was tasked with establishing contacts and finding vessels for the fledgling Confederate Navy. Establishing a relationship with Fraser, Trenholm Company, a respected shipping company, to facilitate the sale of Southern cotton, he was later able to use the firm as a front for his naval activities. As the British government remained officially neutral in the American Civil War, Bulloch was unable to purchase ships outright for military use. Working through Fraser, Trenholm Company, he was able to contract for the construction of a screw sloop at the yard of John Laird Sons Company in Birkenhead. Laid down in 1862, the new hull was designated #290 and launched on July 29, 1862. Initially named Enrica, the new ship was powered by a direct-acting, horizontal condensing steam engine with twin horizontal cylinders which powered a retractable propeller. In addition, Enrica was rigged as a three-masted barque and was capable of employing a large spread of canvas. As Enrica completed fitting out, Bulloch hired a civilian crew to sail the new vessel to Terceira in the Azores. Reaching the island, the ship was soon met by its new commander, Captain Raphael Semmes, and the supply vessel Agrippina which was carrying guns for Enrica. After Semmes arrival, work began to convert Enrica into a commerce raider. Over the next few days, sailors endeavored to mount the heavy guns which included six 32-pdr smoothbores as well as a 100-pdr Blakely Rifle and an 8-in. smoothbore. The latter two guns were placed on pivot mounts along the ships centerline. With the conversion complete, the ships moved into international waters off Terceira where Semmes officially commissioned the s hip into the Confederate Navy as CSS Alabama on August 24. CSS Alabama - Early Successes Though Semmes had sufficient officers to oversee the running of Alabama, he had no sailors. Addressing the crews of the attending ships, he offered them signing money, lucrative bonuses, as well as prize money if they signed on for a cruise of unknown length. Semmes efforts proved successful, and he was able to convince eighty-three sailors to join his ship. Electing to remain in the eastern Atlantic, Semmes departed Terceira and began stalking Union whaling ships in the area. On September 5, Alabama scored its first victim when it captured the whaler Ocumlgee in the western Azores. Burning the whaler the following morning, Alabama continued its operations with great success. Over the next two weeks, the raider destroyed a total of ten Union merchant ships, mostly whalers, and inflicted around $230,000 in damage. Turning west, Semmes sailed for the East Coast. After encountering poor weather en route, Alabama made its next captures on October 3 when it took the merchant ships Emily Farnum and Brilliant. While the former was released, the latter was burned. Over the next month, Semmes successfully took eleven more Union merchant ships as Alabama moved south along the coast. Of these, all were burned but two which were bonded and sent to port loaded with crewmen and civilians from Alabamas conquests. Though Semmes desired to raid New York Harbor, a lack of coal forced him to abandon this plan. Turning south, Semmes steamed for Martinique with the goal of meeting Agrippina and resupplying. Reaching the island, he learned that Union ships were aware of his presence. Sending the supply ship to Venezuela, Alabama was later forced slip past USS San Jacinto (6 guns) to escape. Re-coaling, Semmes sailed for Texas with the hope of frustrating Union operations off Galveston, TX. CSS Alabama - Defeat of USS Hatteras After pausing at Yucatan to conduct maintenance on Alabama, Semmes reached the vicinity of Galveston on January 11, 1863. Spotting the Union blockading force, Alabama was seen and approached by USS Hatteras (5). Turning to flee like a blockade runner, Semmes lured Hatteras away from its consorts before turning to attack. Closing on the Union sidewheeler, Alabama opened fire with its starboard broadside and in a quick thirteen-minute battle forced Hatteras to surrender. With the Union ship sinking, Semmes took the crew aboard and departed the area. Landing and paroling the Union prisoners, he turned south and made for Brazil. Operating along the coast of South America through late July, Alabama enjoyed a successful spell that saw it capture twenty-nine Union merchant ships. CSS Alabama - Indian Pacific Oceans In need of refit and with Union warships searching for him, Semmes sailed for Cape Town, South Africa. Arriving, Alabama spent part of August undergoing a badly-needed overhaul. While there, he commissioned one of his prizes, the bark Conrad, as CSS Tuscaloosa (2). While operating off South Africa, Semmes learned of the arrival of the powerful USS Vanderbilt (15) at Cape Town. After making two captures on September 17, Alabama turned east into the Indian Ocean. Passing through the Sunda Strait, the Confederate raider eluded USS Wyoming (6) before making three quick captures in early November. Finding hunting sparse, Semmes moved along the north coast of Borneo before overhauling his ship at Candore. Seeing little reason to remain in the area, Alabama turned west and arrived at Singapore on December 22. CSS Alabama - Difficult Circumstances Receiving a cool reception from British authorities in Singapore, Semmes soon departed. Despite Semmes best efforts, Alabama was in increasingly poor condition and badly needed dockyard refit. In addition, crew morale was low due to poor hunting in eastern waters. Understanding that these issues could only be resolved in Europe, he moved through the Straits of Malacca with the intention of reaching Britain or France. While in the straits, Alabama made three captures. The first of these, Martaban (formerly Texas Star) possessed British papers but had changed from American ownership only two weeks earlier. When Martabans captain failed to produce a sworn certificate stating that the papers were authentic, Semmes burned the ship. This action incensed the British and would ultimately force Semmes to sail for France. Re-crossing the Indian Ocean, Alabama departed Cape Town on March 25, 1864. Finding little in the way of Union shipping, Alabama made its final two captures in late April in the form of Rockingham and Tycoon. Though additional ships were sighted, the raiders fouled bottom and aging machinery allowed the potential prey to out-run the once-swift Alabama. Reaching Cherbourg on June 11, Semmes entered the harbor. This proved a poor choice as the only dry docks in the city belonged to the French Navy whereas La Havre possessed privately-owned facilities. Requesting use of the dry docks, Semmes was informed that it required the permission of Emperor Napoleon III who was on vacation. The situation was made worse by the fact that the Union ambassador in Paris immediately alerted all Union naval vessels in Europe as to Alabamas location. CSS Alabama - The Final Fight Among those who received word was Captain John A. Winslow of USS (7). Having been banished to a European command by Secretary of Navy Gideon Welles for making critical comments after the 1862 Second Battle of Manassas, Winslow quickly got his ship underway from the Scheldt and steamed south. Reaching Cherbourg on June 14, he entered the harbor and circled the Confederate ship before departing. Careful to respect French territorial waters, Winslow began patrolling outside of the harbor to prevent the raiders escape as well as prepared Kearsarge for battle by tricing chain cable over the vital areas of the ships sides. Unable to secure permission to use the dry docks, Semmes faced a difficult choice. The longer he remained in port, the greater the Union opposition would likely become and the chances increased that the French would prevent his departure. As a result, after issuing a challenge to Winslow, Semmes emerged with his ship on June 19. Escorted by the French ironclad frigate Couronne and the British yacht Deerhound, Semmes approached the limit of French territorial waters. Battered from its long cruise and with its store of powder in poor condition, Alabama entered the battle at a disadvantage. As the two vessels neared, Semmes opened fire first, while Winslow held Kearsarges guns until the ships were only 1,000 yards apart. As the fight continued, both ships sailed on circular courses seeking to gain an advantage over the other. Though Alabama hit the Union vessel several times, the poor condition of its powder showed as several shells, including one that hit Kearsarges sternpost, failed to detonate. Kearsarge faired better as its rounds hit with telling effect. An hour after the battle began, Kearsarges guns had reduced the Confederacys greatest raider to a burning wreck. With his ship sinking, Semmes struck his colors and requested help. Sending boats, Kearsarge managed to rescue much of Alabamas crew, though Semmes was able to escape aboard Deerhound. CSS Alabama - Aftermath The Confederacys top performing commerce raider, Alabama claimed sixty-five prizes which were valued at a total of $6 million. Hugely successful in disrupting Union commerce and inflating insurance rates, Alabamas cruise led to the use of additional raiders such as CSS Shenandoah. As many Confederate raiders, such as Alabama, CSS Florida, and Shenandoah, had been built in Britain with the British governments knowledge that the ships were destined for the Confederacy, the US Government pursued monetary damages after the war. Known as the Alabama Claims, the issue caused a diplomatic crisis that was finally resolved by the formation of a twelve-man committee which ultimately awarded damages of $15.5 million in 1872. Selected Sources CSS Alabama AssociationURI: CSS Alabama

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The Diary of Anne Frank Book Review Essay - 1385 Words

The Diary of Anne Frank Book Review On June 12, 1929, at 7:30 AM, a baby girl was born in Frankfort, Germany. No one realized that this infant, who was Jewish, was destined to become one of the worlds most famous victims of World War II. Her name was Anne Frank. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, by Anne Frank and B.M. Mooyaart, was actually the real diary of Anne Frank. Anne was a girl who lived with her family during the time while the Nazis took power over Germany. Because they were Jewish, Otto, Edith, Margot, and Anne Frank immigrated to Holland in 1933. Hitler invaded Holland on May 10, 1940, a month before Anne?s eleventh birthday. In July 1942, Annes family went into hiding in the Prinsengracht building.†¦show more content†¦Almost every person at one point in his or her lives takes something for granted. Just imagining what Anne and her family had to go through makes us realize that life is rough sometimes, and we may not always get what we want, but it could always be worse, and maybe we should l earn to take pleasure in the little things life has to offer. From reading this book, we gathered a lot of information. One of the most important messages was that things don?t come easy for everyone, and you should appreciate what you have when you have it because in a matter of days, it could all be gone. Like we said before, life could always be worse, I mean we could be dead (knock on wood). We knew this girl who had everything that she could possibly want. She was very lucky, yet she never really appreciated what was handed to her every day. One day, while driving to her friends? house, she was hit by a car, and she wasn?t so lucky anymore. She could no longer walk, or even talk. In a matter of seconds, her whole life was changed. Had she known this was going to happen, I?m sure there would have been more ?I love you?s? or ?thank you?s?, and maybe spent less time worrying about how people looked and more time worrying about how they felt. Appreciating the small things life has to offer is something everyone should learn to do. Anne andSho w MoreRelated The Diary Of Anne Frank - Book Essay1042 Words   |  5 Pages The Diary of Anne Frank is about a girl that kept a diary while hiding from Nazi’s in Amsterdam for two years. The diary ends when the Nazi’s found her and her family. Her whole family was killed in exception for her father. She was given the journal on her thirteenth birthday. She simply summarized her life for two years in this phenomenal journal. This journal was found after she was killed. The book was published in 1947. Twenty-five million copies were sold and it was written in fifty-fourRead MoreA Private Diary to a Public Novel: Anne Frank886 Words   |  4 PagesA Private Diary to a Public Novel Anne Frank, like many people during World War II, kept a diary. However, her diary went on to become one of the most famous, most read books about the Holocaust ( Staff). How did it happen that Anne’s personal diary turn into the most widely read account of the holocaust? Miep Gies found the diary after Otto, Edith, Margot, and Anne Frank, along with the Van Pels family, and Fritz Pfeffer were arrested. After the war, when Otto returned to Amsterdam andRead MoreThe Diary Of A Young Girl By Anne Frank977 Words   |  4 PagesFor my second book review I chose to read The Diary Of A Young Girl by Anne Frank. This novel follows the life of a young Jewish girl named Anne Frank as she struggles to survive in hiding during the Holocaust. It is composed of journal entries that Anne herself actually wrote as a thirteen to fifteen year old girl in hiding. The book begins when Anne’s parents give her a diary on her thirteenth birthday. Anne is excited about the book and begins writing right away. She writes about everythingRead More Anne Frank Remembered: Review Essay1105 Words   |  5 Pages Anne Frank Remembered: Review nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Anne Frank Remembered is the autobiography of Miep Gies, the woman who helped the Frank family survive during their two years in hiding. Her book is a primary source or first hand account of the persecution of Jewish people in Nazi occupied Holland during the second world war. It is also the first hand account of the hiding of Jews such as the Frank family, the Van Daan family, and Dr. Albert Dussel during this time. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;InRead MoreSummary : The Amsterdam 1380 Words   |  6 PagesDaily Edition ARRESTED! Michael Memis The Amsterdam Articles Yesterday, eight Jews in hiding were found and arrested by German and Dutch police. The people captured were Otto Frank, Hermann van Pels, Fritz Pfeffer, Peter van Pels, Edith Frank, Auguste van Pels, Margot Frank, and Anne Frank. The police were told of the location of the Jews by an anonymous person who didn’t give his name. They had hid in Otto Frank’s office building in a secret room. It was soon learned that theyRead MoreThe Freedom Writers And Erin Gruwell833 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"The Freedom Writers Diary† By: The Freedom Writers and Erin Gruwell Genre: Nonfiction Plot summary: The first pages include a forward by Zlata Filipovic. She is a survivor from the war in Sarajevo, and many call her the â€Å"modern day Anne Frank†. She talks about how the writers have affected her life, and how they are an inspiration to many around the world. The students entries consist of how they do not believe that Mrs. Gruwell will make it in their school. The students are deemed unteachableRead MoreI Have Lived A Thousand Years Book Review Essay1438 Words   |  6 PagesI Have Lived a Thousand Years Book Review Livia Bitton-Jackson’s intense memoir, I Have Lived a Thousand Years Growing up in the Holocaust, proves that we should never have stopped reading after Anne Frank’s Diary. Beginning in 1943, in Somorja, Hungary, Bitton-Jackson recounts Nazi invasion and occupation of Hungary. As a result of her family’s Judaism, the story traces her movement through various concentration camps, including Auschwitz. Being only thirteen to fourteen, over the duration of NaziRead MoreThe Impact Of Wwii On Jewish History1362 Words   |  6 PagesHitler killed himself the before the rivals caught him. Anne Frank was one of the most famous stories you can hear about from WWII. What was special about her is that everything she went through during the War, she wrote in her diary. After Hitler came to power, Anne Frank’s family went to the Netherlands. After the Germans invaded the Netherlands, it was no longer safe for Anne Frank’s family so they hid in a secret room insi de the office of Anne Frank’s dad. Some friends that weren t Jewish helpedRead MoreFreedom Writers : Film Review1085 Words   |  5 PagesFreedom Writers Film Review But even an ordinary secretary Or a housewife or a teenager Can, within their own small ways, Turn on a small light in a dark room. - Miep Gies Just like how Erin Gruwell (Hilary Swank) turned the lights on, in the dark room of 203. Freedom Writers is a film inspired by students of Woodrow Wilson High School as they experience the aftermath of LA riots. Los Angeles resembles a war zone back in the 1992. During this time in America, it all comes down to what a person lookRead MoreCensorship and Book Banning Essay1817 Words   |  8 Pages(â€Å"Banned Books and Authors†). Harry Hoffman, president of Walden Book Co., Inc., is accurate in this aspect. When books are censored or banned, they are not eliminated from society; however, their message emanates to create an impact. Even if the public conceals the content in these books, the victims that these censors sequester from these works are rarely unexposed to what is being censored to them. By challenging or attempting to ban a book, more attention is drawn to that distinct book, so society

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The Hundred Years War free essay sample

A discussion of the political events that led to the Hundred Year War between the kings of England and France and the events which perpetuated after its closing. A paper which examines the years before, during and after one of the longest running conflicts between England and France the Hundred Year War which ran between the years 1337 and 1453. The paper examines the political ramifications of the war for both parties during the length of the war and after its closing. The Hundred Years War is a rather misleading name for the war between England and France in the fourteenth century. The war between the kings of England and France lasted between 1337 and 1453, which is certainly not hundred years. The war didnt last 116 years either. The number of actual warfare were much less one hundred, since in the course of this 116 year period there were numerous long truces and two treaties of peace intended to put a stop to hostilities entirely. We will write a custom essay sample on The Hundred Years War or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page One must also add that at the time accepted as the end of the war there was no peace treaty. Also, the actual war started in 1337, while bad relations existed between the two kings ever since the Norman take over of the English throne years before the actual starting of the war. The war was affected by the values that the kings of the two countries possessed and the events of the outside world. The war made no important change in the relations of the two lands until its close, when England lost its possessions on the Continent and turned to up-building of sea power.